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At J. Colbert Injury Lawyers, we aggressively pursue justice on behalf of our clients. When you’ve been seriously injured, you need money to cover hospital bills, lost time from work, and car repairs. You need an injury law firm that knows how to get the job done.

Get Colbert.


Attorney John Colbert has focused on personal injury law for more than 20 years and has the experience needed to successfully represent clients in and out of the courtroom. For every case, we assign a personal injury attorney as well as a case manager, so clients work with the same staff members throughout cases and get the care and customer service they deserve.


Whether you need an Oklahoma workers’ compensation lawyer or an auto accident lawyer, we have what it takes to get results for you. We have experienced accident lawyers who have successfully represented clients with a wide variety of case types, and we will fight for you, too.


We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don't owe us a penny unless we win your case. Our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers are committed to providing the best customer service possible so you can focus on getting better while we work on getting you the money you need.

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If you’re hurting after a serious accident, Get Colbert. We are staffed with aggressive and thorough personal injury lawyers who know how to get the results you need. We have successfully represented personal injury clients throughout Oklahoma, including Ardmore, Idabel, Lawton, McAlester, Oklahoma City, Seminole, Shawnee, and Tulsa. Talk to an accident attorney today—fill out a free online consultation form or call (877) 579-6800.

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