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Have You Been Seriously Injured?

If you've been seriously injured by the reckless actions of another, The Wolf Pack is here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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No one likes to think about the possibility of an accident happening to them. When it does happen, you probably feel alone, scared, and unsure of how to move forward. If the accident was caused by another person, you have rights, and the experienced Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys are here to fight for you so you can focus on recovering.

We’re known as The Wolf Pack, and we’re dedicated to fiercely protecting the rights of our injured neighbors in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ardmore, and across the state of Oklahoma just like they’re members of our own pack. Get a free case review today to learn how we can help you.

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All you have to do is pick up the phone, and we’ll be there to help. You don’t even have to leave your house.

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You have rights, and The Wolf Pack will fight tooth and nail to seek the maximum compensation you deserve.

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We work on contingency. That means there’s no charge for the case review and no cost at all if we don’t win for you.

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We Know How Difficult This Time Is

When you were minding your own business visiting a friend, heading to the store, or just walking down the sidewalk, and an accident that wasn’t your fault caused a serious injury, you deserve to be compensated. It’s a scary time when you can’t work but your bills keep piling up. You may even be having trouble maintaining relationships through the pain and anguish. We understand because we’ve seen it before.

The Wolf Pack at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys has seen too many people like you suffer because of the recklessness of another. We are fierce and aggressive litigators and we’re ready to serve as your dedicated partner in your fight for justice.

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Aggressive Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorneys

When you get hurt at the hands of another, you deserve justice, and it’s important to have someone in your corner who can represent you and fight for you with authority and experience.

Some of the types of injury cases we cover include:

Have You Suffered an Accident-Related Injury?

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by the recklessness of another, you deserve compensation. Put the Wolf Pack on your side today and we’ll help you fight for it every step of the way.

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The Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

When you’re in an accident, it’s likely that within just a few days you’ll get calls from the insurance company representing the person who caused your accident. They’ll start off compassionate and kind, but when they present a lowball offer and you refuse, they’ll try to intimidate and bully you. They may even threaten you with a zero dollar settlement if you pursue the case. They are not your friend. We understand that frustration and we’ve seen it before. We know their tricks, and we’ll fight back to hold them responsible.

Oklahoma City Personal Injury FAQs

Proving negligence in personal injury means that to collect compensation for you, we need to prove that someone else acted in an unreasonably irresponsible way, that their act led to your accident, and that you got hurt in that accident.

You may have heard the term “statute of limitations”, which describes the amount of time you have to seek compensation for your injuries. While it largely depends on the type of accident you’ve experienced, in most cases in the state of Oklahoma, you have two years after the accident happened.

You may be eligible to collect a variety of compensation for your injuries. While each case is different, you can potentially get compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential, loss of consortium, lost enjoyment of life, emotional damages, pain and suffering, and sometimes punitive damages.

The other side in the case will certainly have a lawyer on its side. You need someone in your corner with the experience and knowledge to challenge the bullying insurance company, stand up for you, and fight for your rights like a wolf pack fights for members of its pack. That’s why we’re here.

You probably won’t have to go to court. Most cases are settled out of court because it’s better for all involved. Still, sometimes we hit an impasse in negotiating, and going to court is necessary. When that happens, our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers will fight for you every step of the way.