How The Wolf Pack Is Handling The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we're known as The Wolf Pack. After all, when you’re suffering from life-altering injuries and losses after a serious accident, you need someone in your corner who you can rely on to aggressively fight for your rights. And when you work with our attorneys, you're ( more... )

Disruptive Highway Construction In Oklahoma City Is Causing Accidents

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys
Flagger holds up stop sign for traffic in construction zone

Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyers Want to Keep You Safe Construction on the Interstate 235 interchange with Interstate 44 in Oklahoma City is being called the biggest construction job in all of the great state of Oklahoma. Is it causing more problems than it’s solving? On I-235 north, the last ( more... )

Legal Changes That Will Affect Injured Oklahoma Workers in 2020

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys
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Our Oklahoma Workers’ Comp Lawyers Want to Keep You Informed In the 2019 session, the state Senate gave final approval to a bill that overhauled the workers’ compensation system throughout the state of Oklahoma and increased the benefits paid to injured workers. As we’re in the early months of the ( more... )

Oklahoma Ranks as the 11th Most Dangerous State for Teen Drivers

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers Reveal The 5 Top Reasons Your Teen Is Not Safe on The Road When you’re a parent, your number one concern is always the safety of your child. You take your child’s jacket off to put them in the car seat so the straps will fit, ( more... )

Colbert Cooper Hill Announces the Disability Advocate Scholarship

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- November 2019 -- Colbert Cooper Hill, a personal injury law firm serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ardmore, and other cities across Oklahoma, is excited to announce its 2019 Disability Advocate Scholarship. This scholarship opportunity will offer $1,000 to one student in Oklahoma who is pursuing higher education. ( more... )

How Are SSI Claims Decided?

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys
Social Security Disability Claim Form Stock Photo

Our Oklahoma Disability Lawyers Explain the Different Factors That Can Affect Your SSI Claim Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides financial benefits to those who are unable to work due to a disabling physical or mental condition. Through this ( more... )

How Fault Is Determined In Car Accidents

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys
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Our Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyers Are on Your Side There were 71,415 car accidents in Oklahoma in 2017, according to the State of Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Car accidents are very common and dangerous. They put a lot of physical and emotional stress on everyone involved. One of the ( more... )

What To Do After An Uber or Lyft Accident In Oklahoma City

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Our Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyers Explain Your Options After a Ridesharing Wreck Being involved in any type of accident is stressful, but what happens if you're injured in a ridesharing collision? Whether you were the driver or a passenger, knowing what to do after a ridesharing accident can be ( more... )

Five Insurance Claim Pitfalls To Avoid

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys
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Our Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyers Inform Motorists of Common Tactics Used by Insurance Companies Safer America stated, “In 2016, there were 34,439 police-reported fatal car accidents.” Unfortunately, automobile accidents are a commonality across America. Most people purchase an insurance policy in order to protect themselves or cover costs in ( more... )