4 Steps To Take After Involvement In An Oklahoma Truck Accident

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Sharing the road with a tractor trailer can be dangerous at times because of the severity of the impact in the event of a crash. These vehicles cause a significantly greater amount of damage in collisions because of their size and weight.

These dangers were underscored by a recent Oklahoma truck accident that claimed a local man’s life earlier this month. Reports indicate the crash happened on Thursday, July 3, just after 1 p.m. on U.S. Highway 59 outside of Spiro, Oklahoma.

According to an article from KFSM 5 News, the 64-year-old victim was traveling eastbound along the highway. When he slowed to make a left turn though, the driver of a tractor trailer attempted to pass the victim’s vehicle on the left and the two collided.

Incidents like this leave many wondering what action should be taken if you or a loved one are involved in an accident with a commercial truck. The Oklahoma personal injury lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers suggest following these steps to protecting your rights:

  • Seek Medical Attention– Getting the treatment you need for your injuries should be the top priority following any motor vehicle collision.
  • Collect Evidence– Pictures, witness statements, police reports, and receipts from expenses incurred can all prove to be crucial during an accident investigation and potential injury lawsuits.
  • Report the Incident– You should inform your insurer of the incident, but refrain from speaking with adjustors from the insurers of other drivers who were involved.
  • Hire an Attorney– Having legal representation by your side will help to ensure any potential rights to compensation you have are protected.