What You Can Do If Your Oklahoma Car Accident Was Caused By Faulty Infrastructure

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

There’s an endless list of possible causes for an Oklahoma car accident, but one of the most concerning is faulty and defective infrastructure. Many of the bridges and highways that were constructed in Oklahoma are now more than 40 years old, and do not meet the same standards that are required for similar construction projects that are breaking ground today.

Take for instance the Oklahoma car accident that was caused by concrete falling from a bridge, which left one man seriously injured. Reports indicate the incident occurred on Monday, October 13th, along U.S. Route 75 at the Archer Street Bridge underpass in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

An article from KJRH 2 News explains the victim was traveling along the highway when three pieces of concrete from the bridge broke free after being struck by a car and came crashing down onto the vehicle below.

The bridge was constructed in 1971 and doesn’t meet the same standards that current bridge construction projects must adhere to. Despite this fact, ODOT claims the bridge is still structurally sound and says the concrete falling was a result of the collision and not deterioration of the structure.

So what should you do if you believe an accident you were involved in was the result of defective infrastructure? The Oklahoma personal injury lawyers with Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys suggest:

  • Seek Medical Attention– the most important thing for you to do after an accident is get treatment for your injuries.
  • Report the Incident– It’s important that problems with roadways and highway structures be reported to state and federal authorities immediately.
  • Document the Crash– This includes taking photos of damages and injuries, as well as keeping receipts for all crash-related expenses.
  • Talk to an Attorney– Speaking with a lawyer will help answer any questions you have regarding your legal rights as they pertain to your accident.