Driver Negligence To Blame For Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

When an Oklahoma motorcycle accident occurs, one of the leading causes listed is another driver’s failure to yield the right-of- way to an oncoming motorcycle. In fact, research has repeatedly shown this to be a contributing factor in roughly two-thirds of all multiple vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle. Furthermore, reports state a majority of drivers who are at fault for these crashes failed to recognize the oncoming bike while making a left turn.

This seems to be the case in an Oklahoma motorcycle accident that claimed a 16-year-old’s life. According to KFOR 4 News, the incident occurred on 2nd Street in the city of Edmond.

Reports indicate a 64-year-old driver was attempting to turn left into a private driveway to turn around; however, he failed to recognize an oncoming motorcycle and turned in front of the bike. The motorcyclist didn’t have time to stop and struck the vehicle, causing a 16-year-old passenger on the bike to be ejected.

The young passenger was thrown into the road, where she was struck and killed by another vehicle. The driver who was responsible for the accident told police at the scene that he never heard or saw the motorcycle coming.

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