Forum Held To Discuss Oklahoma Distracted Driving Accidents

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Distracted driving is a very serious problem here in Oklahoma. Estimates show that in 2010, inattentive drivers caused up to 18 percent of motor vehicle collisions that resulted in injuries.

Despite numbers highlighting the dangers of this behavior and a majority of our state’s citizens being in favor of bans against texting and driving, Oklahoma is one of the few states in our nation that has not created such legislation. That may soon change though, as on Tuesday, October 7, a forum was held to discuss the issue and possibly develop solutions to the problem.

According to an article from KOCO News, the forum was held by the House of Representatives Public Safety Committee and hosted by Representatives Steve Martin and Ken Walker. It will was held from 1-4 P.M. at the Oklahoma State Capitol building.

Speakers included victims of Oklahoma distracted driving accidents, law enforcement officers, as well as those who are in favor of—and against—bans on texting while driving and the use of electronic devices while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The event comes on the heels of a fatal Oklahoma trucking accident that occurred as the result of distracted driving.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we understand the importance of having laws in place that protect the public from harm. That’s why our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers support initiatives like this distracted driving forum. Hopefully, the discussion can help identify solutions to our state’s distracted driving problem.