Four-vehicle Tulsa Auto Accident On Highway 169

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

We’re all guilty of some kind of inattentive driving, whether it’s due to our passengers or electronic devices. However, distracted driving has led to a four-vehicle Tulsa auto accident on Highway 169, according to News On 6.

The Tulsa auto accident occurred near the 11th Street exit when traffic was backed up on 169 and an SUV, a pickup truck, and a semi truck had to slow quickly. However, a fourth vehicle did not slow down in time and struck the rear of the semi truck, going under it.

The impact of the Tulsa auto accident caused the semi truck to hit the pickup and the pickup to hit the SUV, causing a four-vehicle Tulsa auto accident.

Police say the  Tulsa auto accident was the result of inattentive driving.

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