How Insurance Can Affect Your Oklahoma Trucking Accident

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

A commercial tractor-trailer can be as long as four elephants, while also weighing as much as one of the massive creatures. That’s why it should come as no surprise the damage an accident involving one of these vehicles can do is extraordinary.

So who is responsible for paying for the costs of Oklahoma trucking accidents when they occur? Most companies carry insurance, but it may not be enough considering the state of Oklahoma only requires $750,000 in coverage.

Take the recent Oklahoma trucking accident that claimed the lives of four college softball players and left dozens of others injured. According to an article from CBS DFW News, the company who hired the truck driver that caused the wreck only carries $1 million in insurance, which surely won’t be enough to cover the expenses of all the accident victims and their families.

So what should you do in the event you’re harmed in an Oklahoma trucking accident that wasn’t your fault? Speaking with an attorney can be extremely beneficial. They will not only answer each of the questions you have regarding your case, but they can also help you with filing the necessary paperwork for such a claim.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, our team of Oklahoma personal injury lawyers understands how trucking companies’ lack of insurance can affect accident victims, and we are hopeful the victims and families of the most recent crash get the compensation they’re entitled to.