New Ways To Put An End To Distracted Driving Car Accidents

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Texting and driving is a serious hazard when traveling on the roadways of the United States today. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that 1.6 million car accidents per year are the direct result of texting and driving.

To help reduce the annual number of Oklahoma car accidents that are caused by drivers who are distracted by cellphones, several organizations recently partnered to create and show a new and innovative public service announcement. Reports indicate the PSA was shown to a theatre full of unsuspecting individuals who were preparing to watch a movie.

An article from OKC FOX News explains that as the lights dropped for the movie to begin, spectators saw the first person view from a vehicle traveling down the road. A text message was then sent to each cellphone in the theatre using GPS technology. When viewers went to check their phones, an accident occurred. Officials from Volkswagen, the company behind the new PSA, said the interactive video helps drive home the message of how quickly and easily a distracted driving accident can happen.

The news station is also working to prevent Oklahoma distracted driving accidents by asking motorists to sign a NO TXT ZONE pledge promising not to drive distracted. Those who participate are entered into a monthly drawing for prizes.

At J. Colbert Injury Lawyers, our team of Oklahoma personal injury attorneys have seen the devastating results of distracted driving and encourage all motorists to consider signing up for the pledge against distracted driving.