Oklahoma Promotes Motorcycle Safety Through New Website

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

In 2011, around 1,400 motorcyclists were killed as the result of crashes in Oklahoma alone. In an effort to decrease Oklahoma Auto Accidents involving motorcycles, while also improving highway safety for all motorists, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office has created a website aimed at educating the public about updates on legislation, training opportunities, and safety information in regards to riding motorcycles.

The website, www.okiemoto.ok.gov, takes the most recent motorcycle accident statistics gathered by agencies from across the state and compiles the data into a format that is easily digested by the public eye. It also offers information to those who are interested in learning how to safely operate a motorcycle and details about safety courses to help hone safe riding skills.

One of the most important aspects of the website is an FAQ section about motorcycle laws. Officials say these common concerns are discussed in an effort to make the general public and riders more aware of their responsibilities when on the road.

The site also features safety videos on its homepage and a list of resources about other websites promoting motorcycle safety in the state.

The team of Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys at the law firm of J. Colbert Injury Lawyers is hopeful the new site will be successful in both reducing the number of motorcycle accidents across the state, while also making bikers and other motorists more aware of current concerns for highway safety.