Oklahoma Rollover Accident Leaves Two Injured

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Due to their height and narrow wheelbase, sport utility vehicles are prone to rollover accidents that can result in devastating injury or death. According to an article released by News Channel 4, two Oklahoma citizens learned this lesson the hard way when their vehicle crashed Tuesday on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.

Reports from the Oklahoma City Police Department, who responded to the scene, show that the accident happened at around 12:30 a.m., near the Kilpatrick off-ramp on I-35. Authorities believe that the driver was heading down I-35 when he made a last second decision to veer off onto Kilpatrick. This quick jerking motion caused the vehicle to fishtail before eventually rolling onto its side.

Both passengers inside the SUV at the time of the crash suffered injuries and were transported to a local hospital to receive treatment.

Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently detailed studies that showed that while carrying several passengers can make a lower-riding sedan even more stable, a higher-riding sport utility vehicle becomes even more unstable with extra people. A vehicle’s stability can be influenced by many factors, such as height, the width between tires, the design of its suspension system, tire grip, and even the location of the engine mount.

The Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers say that it is important for SUV drivers to remember to slow down, especially around curves, to avoid being involved in an Oklahoma Auto Accident.