Steps To Avoid Oklahoma Motorcycle Accidents This Winter

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

While the short days and long nights of winter are upon us, many will continue to rely on motorcycles for transportation. But in December 2013, there were a total of 35 Oklahoma motorcycle accidents that occurred.

One Oklahoma motorcycle accident earlier this month highlights the dangers motorcyclists face—even when they are doing everything right. Reports indicate the crash happened on Dec. 13, on Highway 78, just south of Whitewright, Texas.

According to KTEN 10 News, the victim was riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle along the highway to deliver toys to children for the holidays. However, a vehicle crossed the center lines of the road and struck an SUV. The motorcyclist didn’t have time to avoid the wreckage from the accident, struck the damaged vehicle, and crashed.

Motorcyclists who knew the victim say they are putting on another toy ride in the deceased rider’s memory.

The crash leaves many drivers and motorcycle riders wondering what can be done to prevent accidents. Most experts agree the answer is a combination of efforts from both sides.

Motorcyclists should:

  • Always Wear A Helmet and Other Protective Gear
  • Always Utilize A Headlight
  • Always Obey Traffic Laws

Drivers need to remember to:

  • Give Motorcyclists Space On the Road
  • Look Twice In All Directions Before Entering Traffic
  • Avoid Distractions

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers are hopeful these tips will help you to avoid an Oklahoma motorcycle accident during the winter months.