Three Accidents Involving Oklahoma City Police Officers In 24 Hours

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The Oklahoma City Police Department says two officers were injured during a string of three crashes within a 24-hour period last week. According to News Channel 4, the accidents happened between Friday and Saturday.

A spokesperson for the Department, Sergeant Gary Knight, stated the first accident happened in the early morning hours of Friday at the intersection of 44 and Agnew, when a driver ran a red light and struck the front end of the officer’s cruiser as he passed through the intersection. The officer suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Not long after the first accident, a second occurred at MLK Boulevard and El Reno. No injuries were reported from the minor fender bender.

The final accident came as an officer had a vehicle pulled over on I-44. He was gathering information about the driver, when suddenly a vehicle hit the squad car from behind. He had apparently swerved off the road to avoid missing a slowing vehicle in front of him in the right hand lane. Unfortunately, when he swerved off the road, he put himself on a direct path into the rear of the stopped patrol car. The officer was taken to a local hospital where he was expected to make a full recovery.

The Oklahoma auto accident attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers would like to urge all drivers to move into the left lane when you see an officer with a stopped vehicle on the side of the road.