Tractor Trailer Driver Killed When Truck Hit A Cow

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

A tractor-trailer driver from Gasden, Tennessee, was killed near Weatherford, Oklahoma when his truck collided with a cow. According to Channel 8 News, the accident occurred along I-40 late Sunday evening.

The 58-year-old driver was in the westbound lanes of the highway. It was dark and the driver had little time to react to the massive bovine that had wandered into lanes of traffic from one of the many pastures that line the highway. The truck over-corrected and rolled off the side of the highway with the driver trapped inside. Once rescuers arrived, it took them roughly 43 minutes to free the driver from the debris. Firefighters said the man suffered massive injuries and was declared dead at the scene of the crash.

According to MSN, several million animal collisions occur yearly and are responsible for the deaths of several hundred individuals every year. In most cases, the animal is wild, like a deer, and there is no one to be held responsible for it being in the road. In this case, the cow’s negligent owner allowed it to escape.

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