Tulsa Auto Accidents Kills Man

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Do you think the law has the right to force drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts? While many states have seatbelt laws, some citizens do not agree with them. Whether you view them as life-savers or a threat to personal choice, no one can argue that many people have benefited from their use and many others may have been saved if only they had buckled up.

A recent Tulsa auto accident victim is one such case. According to KTUL, a man has died as the result of a Tulsa auto accident. He was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash on West 26th Street and 57th West Avenue.

Authorities believe the man, 24, lost control of his vehicle, ran off the road, over-corrected, and overturned his SUV.

He died as a result of the Tulsa auto accident.

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