Tulsa Auto Accident Results In Lost Dog

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Do you often take your pet for a ride in your vehicle? It’s not uncommon in nice weather to see drivers let their dogs hang their heads out the car window and catch the breeze. However, have you thought about Fido’s safety if you are involved in an Oklahoma auto accident? Not only could your pet be injured, but  it could get lost.

According to KJRH, that’s exactly what happened in a Tulsa auto accident on U.S. 169 in which an intoxicated driver caused a crash involving two other cars. One of those drivers had her dog Wolfie in her vehicle.

At the time of the Tulsa auto accident, the woman suffered injuries that kept her from restraining the frightened dog who fled the scene of the crash.

Later, Wolfie was found uninjured as a result of the Tulsa auto accident.

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