Tulsa Auto Accident Victim Abandons Truck

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Sometimes people involved in Tulsa auto accidents flee the scene, but rarely do they leave a trail behind them. That’s what happened in a Tulsa auto accident in which the victim abandoned the truck at a construction zone and left a trail of blood when he fled, according to KJRH.

The Tulsa auto accident occurred in an off-limits area on Interstate 244. A pickup appeared to have been traveling at high speeds and drove through barricades into the construction zone. Construction workers heard a loud crash at 2 a.m. and found the truck dangling from a bridge about an hour later.

There was a trail of blood leading away from the Tulsa auto accident scene, and police are now looking for the Tulsa auto accident victim who left his vehicle and the scene.

Why do you think this Tulsa auto accident victim fled the scene?

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