Two Die In Tulsa Auto Accident

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Sometimes the cause of a Tulsa auto accident is clear: A driver stops suddenly, runs a red light, or turns in front of another vehicle. Other times, however, the cause is not a simple matter.

Unfortunately, that is the case with a fatal Tulsa auto accident.

According to KJRH, the fatal Tulsa auto accident occurred on South Waco Avenue and 61st Street when two vehicles collided head-on.

Three cars were involved in the fatal Tulsa auto accident, but the driver of the third vehicle was uninjured. However, the driver and passenger, a man and a woman, of one of the vehicles died as a result of the Tulsa auto accident.

The driver and passenger of a truck involved in the Tulsa auto accident are in serious condition. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the crash.

What do you think caused this fatal Tulsa auto accident?

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