Woman Dies In Hit-and-run Tulsa Auto Accident

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Car crashes are scary enough, but the scene of a Tulsa auto accident becomes a crime scene when a driver flees and the situation is further complicated. Unfortunately that is what happened in one Tulsa auto accident, according to KJRH.

The Tulsa auto accident occurred when a woman was walking on East 41st Street and South 129th East Avenue. The 19-year-old was struck and then dragged by the vehicle that vehicle that hit her.

The Tulsa auto accident victim was walking east in the westbound lane when the vehicle, westbound, struck her. It continued dragging her until the driver was able to dislodge the body while continuing to drive.

The Tulsa auto accident victim died as a result of the crash. The driver and vehicle have yet to be found.

Do you have information about this Tulsa auto accident? How do you think the driver who caused this Tulsa auto accident can be found?

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