Disappearance Of Two Men At Lake Prompts Safety Concerns

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The disappearance of two Oklahoma men from Lake Tenkiller in Park Hill, Oklahoma, has prompted citizens to look closer at how to stay safe while on the water throughout the rest of the summer. According to KOCO.com News, an Oklahoma State Highway Patrol spokesperson said the men went missing from a boat at Party Cove.

Authorities said people who were members of the party thought they had gotten onto another boat and became concerned for their safety after several hours without seeing them. A search of the area turned up a float one of the men had been using, but no one was in sight. A dive team has searched for two days with no sign of the men anywhere.

The mysterious disappearance has caused others to become concerned for their own safety while on the water. Officials say the best thing a person can do is to abstain from alcohol while on the water, especially if swimming. Using the buddy system is also advised if swimming in a populated area, such as a cove or pool. Following these two rules will help ensure you are aware of your surroundings and that of others in your party.

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