Oklahoma Boat Accident Claims The Lives Of Two College Students

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

An Oklahoma Boat Accident claimed the lives of two college students last week. Reports indicate that the incident occurred on May 14 on Grand Lake near Langley, Oklahoma.

A story from Arkansas Matters explains the victims were part of a group in a boat on the water for several hours prior to the accident. The vessel then struck a docked houseboat at the Arrowhead Yacht Club Marina.

The impact sent the two victims into the water. They were pulled to safety, but died at the scene a short time later. Two others near the houseboat were injured in the crash and were rushed by paramedics to a local trauma center for treatment.

While investigators have made it clear they are still examining the accident and its potential causes, they have stated they believe speed and alcohol consumption may have been contributing factors.

The incident highlights the importance of several key aspects to safe boating. First, every person on board a watercraft should be equipped with a life preserver at all times. Also, boaters should comply with all regulations regarding speed while also being courteous to other boaters by slowing down to lower wakes. Finally, boat operators should never consume alcohol on the water.

The Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers hope these tips will help to keep boaters safe this summer!