Oklahoma City Teen Hit By Pickup Reunited with His Family

by Jonathan

An Oklahoma City teen that was seriously injured after being involved in an accident with a truck Friday morning has been identified and reunited with his family. According to KFOR News, the accident occurred at around 8:30 AM at the 1900 block of NE 23rd Street.

Police reports show that the boy was riding his bike through an intersection in the neighborhood streets when he was broadsided by a pickup truck. The boy could only whisper his first name to witnesses before slipping into unconsciousness. Posts on social networks about the accident helped reunited the 15-year-old with his family.

The teen suffered major head trauma and is listed in critical condition.

The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute reports that 630 cyclists died on US highways in 2009 and that 74 of those were young teens. They found that 44 percent of all nonfatal bicycle accidents also occurred to riders between the ages of five and 20. This accounts for approximately 22,000 of the reported injuries examined.

The Oklahoma bicycle accident attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers encourage motorists and cyclists to be courteous to one another and always share the road. The most common reason reported for collisions with cyclists is that the driver “did not see them.” That is why it is important to keep one another safe by always looking twice at intersections before proceeding.

New Reckless Driving Law Stirring Debate In Oklahoma

by Jonathan

A new piece of legislature in Oklahoma’s law books has stirred debate over whether it is too ambiguous or just doing the job of keeping state highways safer. According to News Channel 4, house Bill 1507–also know as Aaron’s Law–took effect in the state November first of this year.

The law was named after a 17-year-old Yukon teen who was killed after being hit by a woman who ran a stop sign. The law created tougher rules against reckless driving and requires a no exceptions one year drivers license suspension for anyone ticketed for reckless driving.

“What’s the problem?” you may ask. Many citizens say that law enforcement often writes tickets for reckless driving in situations other than where bodily harm has been caused in a crash or when a driver fails to stop for a school bus. One Oklahoma City attorney said he had handled cases where a driver was cited for reckless driving for changing three lanes on a highway to get over for an exit. He said texting and driving could be now considered reckless behavior behind the wheel, and also speeding if you are going 20 miles above the posted limit.

The Oklahoma Auto Accident Attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers want to hear from you. Is the new law effective at stopping dangerous behavior of drivers behind the wheel, or is it too ambiguous and should only be used for more serious offenses? Tell us your opinion by posting to our Facebook page.

Oklahoma School Cross Guard Shortage At Fault For Accident?

by Jonathan

Two students were hit by a car at a school crossing Monday morning in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, outraging those who had warned against the school cross guard shortage months ago.

In late July of this year, The Oklahoman reported Oklahoma City Schools were facing a shortage of crossing guards for the upcoming year, and many officials and parents were worried for the safety of the students. Officials said they were 33 guards short for the year but would find temporary replacements for slots that could not be filled. Officials also reminded drivers to slow down and encouraged parents review crosswalk safety with their children.

On Monday though, two young brothers, one a kindergartener and the other a 3rd grader, were struck by a car at an unmanned crosswalk on their way to school. KOCO News reports that the boys were crossing the road in front of Fairview Elementary, where they attend, at 7:45 AM when an approaching vehicle hit the boys. They were taken to OU Medical Center where they remain in critical condition. The district said the guard stationed at that corner doesn’t arrive until 8:00 AM.

The Oklahoma Auto Accident Attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers urge parents to always supervise young children while crossing the street and review how to properly and safely cross a road. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a car-pedestrian accident, contact J. Colbert Injury Lawyers for a free, initial consultation to help answer any questions you may have regarding the case.

18-year-old dies in Tulsa auto accident

by Jonathan

KJRH reported that an 18-year-old woman died as a result of a Tulsa auto accident Saturday morning.

The Oklahoma auto accident occurred on North 23rd West Avenue and Easton when the driver of a car was speeding and lost control of the vehicle.

The 18-year-old woman was walking down the street when she was hit by the driver, causing the Tulsa car accident.

Police say that alcohol was a factor in the Tulsa auto accident and the driver could face charges.

Parents dissatisfied with progress in Oklahoma pedestrian accident investigation

by Jonathan

The parents of a 17-year-old girl who was killed in an Oklahoma pedestrian accident when she was struck by a van that kept driving after it hit her on Texanna Road are dissatisfied with authorities’ progress in the investigation.

Police have been unsuccessful in finding the driver of the vehicle that hit the Oklahoma auto accident victim.

Parents of the Oklahoma car accident victim have set up a cell phone account specifically for anyone with information on the accident to call.

The Oklahoma car accident victim was helping a college classmate with a photography project when she saw the van coming and scooted into the other lane, but the van she saw allegedly drove into that lane.

Teen dies after Oklahoma pedestrian accident

by Jonathan

A 17-year-old girl died after a hit and run Oklahoma pedestrian accident last Friday, Tulsa World reported.

Authorities say the 17-year-old Oklahoma auto accident victim was sitting in the middle of Texanna Road near Interstate 40 when a white van hit her, causing the Oklahoma pedestrian accident.

The van continued driving after hitting the girl and neither the driver nor the van involved in the Oklahoma auto accident has been located.

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Three injured in Oklahoma pedestrian accident

by Jonathan

Three people were injured in an Oklahoma pedestrian accident on Turner Turnpike Monday night, Tulsa World reported.

The Oklahoma pedestrian accident occurred when the three pedestrians were walking on the shoulder of the road, waiving traffic.

A pickup truck stopped west of the pedestrians and then backed up, hitting all three, and caused the Oklahoma pedestrian accident injuries.

One of the Oklahoma pedestrian accident injury victims was flown to a hospital for treatment of head and internal injuries. The other pedestrians were treated and released.

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Foul play suspected in Oklahoma pedestrian accident

by Jonathan

The Oklahoman reported that authorities suspect foul play is involved in an Oklahoma pedestrian accident.

The Oklahoma pedestrian accident occurred Saturday when the 36-year-old driver of a pickup struck a pedestrian, 46, on a rural Oklahoma road.

The pedestrian died at the scene of the Oklahoma auto accident.

The two men had argued prior to the Oklahoma pedestrian accident, and police say that the driver’s story did not match the tire tracks on the road or the position of the Oklahoma pedestrian accident victim’s body.

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Man hit twice, dies in Oklahoma pedestrian accident

by Jonathan

Tulsa World reported that a man died in an Oklahoma pedestrian accident Thursday morning. The 26-year-old car accident victim was hit twice about 5 a.m. and police said he might have been hitchhiking.

The Oklahoma pedestrian accident was first believed to be a hit-and-run but the initial person to hit the man called police when she got home saying she thought she hit something in the road. The man was then run over by a truck, and both drivers cooperated with police.

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