NTSB Releases Cause Of Last Year’s Fatal Oklahoma Train Accident

by Jonathan

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently announced that a locomotive operator’s poor eyesight was to blame for an Oklahoma Train Accident that claimed three lives and injured another individual last year.

According to an article from Insurance Journal, the tragic incident occurred on June 24, 2012, near the town of Goodwell, Oklahoma. The two trains involved in the collision ended up on the same set of tracks and stuck one another head on.

Investigators from the NTSB later determined that one of the conductors suffered from cataracts and glaucoma for much of his life. He also regularly visited eye doctors for treatment of his conditions and had undergone several corrective surgeries for the problem.

Dr. Mary Pat McKay stated the man had complained to her that he could not distinguish between the red and green signals along the tracks.

Despite the man’s health problems, there were no regulations in place that required he be removed from his position as a conductor. Since the crash, the NTSB has introduced 16 safety recommendations that include the use of a Positive Track Control system to direct trains in the correct direction.

The Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers recognize how devastating train accidents can be to the families and victims involved. The firm hopes the recommendations of the NTSB will prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

NTSB Reports the Cause of Fatal Oklahoma Train Accident

by Jonathan

Reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicate that an Oklahoma Train Accident that occurred last summer was caused by a locomotive operator’s failure to notice warning signals.

An article from ABC News explains that the crash happened on June 24, 2012 when the operator of one of the trains passed two signals warning the locomotive to slow down. It then passed another signal ordering the train to stop in the moments before it collided head on with another freight train.

The impact of the crash killed three occupants aboard the two trains and left another with injuries. Investigators with the NTSB also determined there were not malfunctions aboard the train or with the signaling system.

In an effort to ensure that a similar accident does not occur, Jeff Young, a spokesman for the Union Pacific Railroad, stated the organization is investing more than $1 billion into creating a new safety system known as positive train control. The aim of the system is also to simplify safety functions that train engineers must use. Union Pacific is planning on installing the system within the next four to five years.

The Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers recognize the importance of having strong policies regarding safety in every work environment. The firm applauds the efforts being made and hopes the changes will be successful in better protecting railroad workers from harm.

Oklahoma Train Accident Leaves Three Dead

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A Tulsa Train Accident that occurred this past Sunday morning has left three men dead. According to a report from Time, the accident happened on a stretch of track that runs parallel with US 54, about 300 miles northwest of Oklahoma City.

Officials state that the accident occurred when an eastbound train carrying 108 cars from Los Angeles to Chicago collided head-on with a westbound train pulling 80 cars. A long-haul trucker who witnessed the accident stated that the eastbound train was going roughly 70 miles per hour just before the collision, and that neither train attempted to signal each other prior to the accident.

The Oklahoma train accident caused a powerful explosion, resulting in a fire that burned for days. Rescue crews were just able to get close enough to the wreckage today to recover the bodies of the three men who were killed. A fourth man, who jumped from the train just seconds before the crash, escaped uninjured.

An investigation into the accident, conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, has already determined that one of the trains failed to take a side track and yield right of way to the other train. There was also no malfunction discovered with the equipment that was directing the trains.

The Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Personal Injury Lawyers would like to send their deepest condolences and sympathies to the families of the three victims of this tragic accident.

Train Collides with Car on Tracks in Moore, Oklahoma

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Simple physics tells us that the larger and heavier a vehicle is, the more damage it will cause in a collision. That’s why, when a train and a car collide, the outcome usually isn’t favorable for the car or its occupants. A man in Moore, Oklahoma, defied odds Monday after his car was struck by a train at a railroad crossing.

News Channel 4 reports that the collision occurred around 11:00 AM at the track crossing near the intersection of Santa Fe and Main. According to the train’s conductor and other witnesses, the driver of the vehicle attempted to maneuver through the cross-arm barriers that had dropped as the train approached. The train smashed into the vehicle’s passenger side and wrapped the car around the front end of the train. The driver was transported to the local hospital in critical condition.

Moore Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Jeremy Lewis stated that once the crossing arms at a train intersection drop, all traffic must stop, for the safety of both those aboard the train and in the car. Because cross-arm barriers and lights at train intersections sometimes fail to work for numerous reasons, extra precaution should always be taken while driving through a track crossing. Drivers should roll down windows and listen as well as look for oncoming trains.

The Oklahoma Train Accident Attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers encourage drivers to exercise caution at railroad track crossings. Contact them immediately if you have been injured in a collision with a train.

Tulsa train accident kills postal worker

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Postal workers endure all kinds of risks and conditions on the job. Weather, cars, and animals all pose a threat to postal workers.

However, according to the Daily Reporter, one postal worker was killed in a Tulsa train accident at 11th and Harrison streets when he was struck.

The postal worker, 57, died at a hospital following the Tulsa train accident.

The Tulsa train accident is still under investigation, so authorities would not comment on the cause of the crash. However, the accident could lead to a Tulsa worker’s compensation case.

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Tulsa train accident kills driver

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Getting stopped at a railroad crossing while a train passes can be annoying, but the flashing lights and guards are there to protect us. Unfortunately, those safety features may not have been working.

One man was killed in a Tulsa train accident when his vehicle struck a moving train, according to News On 6.

According to authorities, police officers were warned of a broken signal arm at the crossing where the crash happened ten minutes before the Tulsa train accident occurred.

When authorities arrived at the scene, they found the driver of the vehicle ejected and far from the site of the Tulsa train accident. His vehicle was lodged under the train with debris scattered at the scene.

The Tulsa train accident is still under investigation.

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Oklahoma train accident causes man’s death

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Trains still play a vital role in transportation and commerce in this country; therefore, drivers and pedestrians must still be precautious in driving and walking on or near train tracks.

Unfortunately, one man has died after an apparent Oklahoma train accident, KFOR reports.

The Oklahoma train accident injury victim was found after falling and becoming stuck between cars of the train where he bled to death. Authorities found the man, but he died at the scene shortly after being rescued.

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