Can A Person Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Psychological Injuries?

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Injuries that occur in a work setting are not always physical. In fact, an on-the-job injury is often psychological and emotional scarring. Many people wonder, though, if these types of injuries should qualify someone to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. This question was addressed by The Court of Civil Appeals of the State of Oklahoma in the recent case of City of Norman v. Helms. (more…)

Oklahoma Court Of Appeals Upholds Workers’ Compensation Benefits Decision

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The Oklahoma Court of Appeals recently upheld a decision to award workers’ compensation benefits to a state representative following his involvement in a car accident while traveling to the state capitol. The Insurance Journal stated that while the court agreed the victim deserved compensation, they lowered the amount of damages awarded from more than $60,000 to just over $50,000. (more…)