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At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we’re known as The Wolf Pack. After all, when you’re suffering from life-altering injuries and losses after a serious accident, you need someone in your corner who you can rely on to aggressively fight for your rights. And when you work with our attorneys, you’re not just a client to us — you’re a member of our pack.

As the COVID-19 public health emergency continues to spread and impact our fellow Oklahomans, we know that it’s more important than ever to protect our pack. We recognize that this pandemic may present you with unforeseen challenges, leaving you feeling uncertainty and fear when it comes to the future of your legal options. However, we’re here to assure you that we remain dedicated to providing you the same level of expert legal services that we have been proudly providing for many years.

When you’re a member of The Wolf Pack, we don’t just fight for your legal right to compensation; we also fight to do everything in our power to preserve your health, wellness, and safety. At this time, we have closed our lobby temporarily to the public to protect our employees’ health. We are committed to following the guidance of local and federal government officials to make sure that we do everything we can to protect our pack while continuing to demand justice for our clients in the same dedicated manner that we are known for.

Our legal team remains hard at work, focusing both on existing cases and on cases for those who may need help during and after this pandemic. We are available by telephone, email, mail and facsimile to take care of any needs of our clients. We have been working diligently to keep clients advised of courts and administrative agencies striking dockets. We are seeing a trend of courts and administrative agencies communicating electronically and we will continue to do everything possible to provide our clients with the benefits they need. For immediate questions, please contact us via phone or through our online form.

From your team at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones during this difficult time.