Former NFL Players Suing The League Over Drug Injuries

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The medications created through modern chemistry are widely used by athletes to overcome injuries and stay on the field, but new allegations are arising that the National Football League (NFL) may have improperly given medications to players. The individuals now claim these treatments caused them to suffer a serious drug injury.

Richard Dent was a defensive end for the Chicago Bears for years. During his tenure though, he suffered a broken bone in his foot. Rather than treating the injury through rest, doctors injected the injured foot with a mixture of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications so that he could continue to play. Now Dent is claiming to have suffered permanent nerve damage in the foot as a result of continuing to play on the injured limb.

An article from the Insurance Journal explains similar allegations were made by seven other players, one of whom claims to have developed dependence on painkillers after doctors prescribed him drugs without warning of the risks that are involved with taking them.

The lawsuits come in the wake of another series of allegations, in which the NFL was accused of failing to warn players about the dangers associated with repeat traumatic brain injuries.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, our team of Oklahoma personal injury lawyers has seen the effects drug injuries can have on patients. That’s why we are hopeful a decision in the case brings some closure to the players who were allegedly harmed by the actions of the NFL.