Dentist Found Responsible For Transmitting Infectious Diseases Among Patients

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The law requires all medical doctors to follow certain standards and procedures to protect the health and safety of their patients. Failure to these standards that results in a patient death or injury could lead to the doctor, facilities, and staff being held liable.

The Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers explain one such case came to light in Oklahoma after health officials determined a dentist and his practice were responsible for spreading infectious diseases, including Hepatitis C, amongst patients.

According to an article from the University Herald, an investigation into the dental practice discovered the doctor had used rusty, unsanitary equipment to perform procedures on patients. Furthermore, staff was found to be reusing needles on patients. These practices led to the first cases of patient-to-patient transmission of Hepatitis C in the nation.

Officials prompted more than 4,200 of the doctor’s former patients to undergo testing for disease. The results determined 89 patients had tested positive for Hepatitis C, five for Hepatitis B, and four for HIV/AIDS.

Since then, the doctor’s practice has been shut down. He is also facing criminal as well as civil litigation in the future. Five former patients have already filed lawsuits claiming the negligence and actions of the doctor and his staff were directly responsible for their conditions.

J. Colbert’s team of Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers is hopeful a decision in these cases brings a sense of closure to the incident for the victims.