More Than $1.2 Million In Damages Awarded In Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

When we send a loved one to live in a nursing home or long-term care facility, we expect them to receive quality care and treatment. Unfortunately for many though, that’s not always the case. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that as many as one third of all nursing home residents will become the victims of abuse or neglect this year.

For the victims of nursing home abuse and their families, it’s important to know there are actions you can take to protect your legal rights. In many cases, civil litigation can work to hold the parties who were responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions.

In fact, three Oklahoma women recently won a nursing home abuse lawsuit they filed on behalf of their mother. They claimed their mother’s caretakers were physically abusive and that management of the facility where their mother lived failed to take corrective action when informed of the behavior staff was engaging in.

According to an article from KFOR 4 News, a hidden camera was able to catch one caregiver shoving a latex glove in the 96-year-old victim’s mouth and another caregiver hitting the patient in the head. The women stated they informed nursing home management of the issue; however, no corrective action was taken.

A jury sided with the daughters and awarded them $1.2 million in compensatory damages and another $10,000 in punitive damages.

The Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys are hopeful the decision will bring a sense of closure to the incident for the family of the victim.