Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Discuss Arbitration Agreements

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Oklahoma law protects a nursing home resident’s rights to health and safety; however, our Oklahoma nursing home abuse lawyers at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys explain that many potential residents are being forced to waive those rights as part of the admission process.

An arbitration agreement is a legally binding document between two parties that is often used to prevent one party from suing the other in court. Despite state laws prohibiting nursing homes from requiring arbitration agreements to be signed by patients prior to admission, some studies have shown as many as 312 facilities in the state are using these documents.

An article from KGOU News highlighted the risks these agreements can have by telling the stories of several families whose lives were affected by arbitration agreements that were signed to get loved ones into nursing homes. Several of the families remain entangled in their legal battle.

It seems as though the law regarding arbitration agreements for Oklahoma’s nursing home patients will remain in limbo for some time as well. Lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would make arbitration agreements at nursing homes binding.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we know you only want what is best for your loved ones, but our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers strongly suggest you refrain from signing any sort of arbitration agreement before you have it examined by a qualified legal representative. Doing so will help to ensure you and your loved one’s rights are protected at all times.