Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Discuss Laws Regarding Elderly Care

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Nursing home abuse is a major problem in Oklahoma today. The state recently ranked 48th in the nation when it comes to the quality of care nursing home residents receive. The Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers with J. Colbert Personal Injury Lawyers point out that despite these findings, lawmakers are doing little to protect the elderly’s rights to quality care, and are instead passing laws that make holding those responsible for elder abuse accountable more difficult.

An article released by Take Part explains that a lack of proper staffing and failure to conduct proper background checks on staff are two of the problems leading to the state’s failing rating. Rather than creating laws that stiffen regulations and penalties in these areas though, legislators are continuing to work towards passing bills that limit the amount of damages victims of nursing home abuse or neglect can receive through civil litigation. The state passed a law in 2009 that established such limits, but it was removed from the books after the state’s Supreme Court ruled the law was unconstitutional.

This leaves many wondering what action they can take if they suspect their loved one is not receiving proper care at a nursing home. J. Colbert’s team of Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers explains that proving negligence in healthcare can be a complex process. They urge anyone who has suffered due to abuse or negligence from a caregiver to discuss their legal rights with an attorney.