What Are The Most Common Oil Field Injuries?

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

A large number of Oklahomans are employed in the oil and natural gas industries. While these jobs can be lucrative, they also come with on-the-job hazards that can be deadly.

Considering Oklahoma’s rank as second in the nation for the number of fatalities in oil and gas industries, it’s important for workers to be aware of the most common oil field injuries. These include:

  • Burn Injury- Oil and natural gas are both extremely flammable and can cause massive explosions when put under the pressure drilling can impose.
  • Fractures- The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that workers injured in the oil and gas industries miss more work due to injuries in other industries, and concluded this is because an estimated 25 percent of oil field workplace accidents are fractures that often have long healing times.
  • Toxic Exposure- Chemicals are often used to pull oil and natural gas from the earth, many of which can cause serious harm to anyone who is exposed to them for long periods of time. Workers are often on the jobsite more than 40 hours per week, which may qualify as heavy exposure.
  • Contact With Objects and Equipment- Heavy machinery is used on drilling sites and any contact with a tool or piece of equipment can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

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