Former Soldiers In Oklahoma Struggling To Get Veterans’ Disability Benefits

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

When a military service member is injured in the line of duty, they are supposed to be entitled to veterans’ disability benefits. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who are struggling to get the assistance they deserve.

Take the case of a former Marine who is now living in Clayton, Oklahoma. He signed up to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps following a car accident that resulted in a back injury. He was medically cleared to join the ranks of the Marines, but re-injured his back during training.

According to KTEN News, it was later determined that the veteran was unfit for duty and was honorably discharged from service. When he went to seek medical benefits for his disabling injury from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, he was approved. The VA later sent a letter saying that the disabled veteran’s benefits were being cut off and that his injury needed to be re-evaluated. The VA now says they have no record of the man ever serving in the U.S. Marine Corps at all.

Since that time, the veteran has struggled to get the assistance he desperately needs from the VA and adds that he sees no signs of an approval for his claim in the future.

Situations like these reverberate across the nation, which is why our team of Oklahoma personal injury attorneys at J. Colbert Injury Lawyers are here to help. If you are a veteran who has been denied disability benefits from the VA, call us today to discuss your needs.