Lawmakers Recommend Loosening Regulations For Veterans’ Disability Benefit Claims

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Several high profile cases have put the spotlight on the rampant problem of sexual abuse among those serving in the military. The victims of these crimes are often left with physical and mental scars that leave them unable to work and potentially eligible to receive Veterans’ Disability Benefits. The problem is, many legitimate claims are denied each year.

An article from Oklahoma’s News 9 explains that each year, approximately 4,000 claims for disability benefits based on injuries sustained from sexual trauma are filed. Roughly half of those claims are denied.

In an effort to raise the number of sexual abuse claims that are approved, legislators have recommended that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) update their guidelines regarding the processing of such claims. One of the main changes being considered is reforming the rules governing what qualifies as sufficient evidence that a sexual abuse claim is legitimate.

The recommendations also called for the VA to create monthly reports providing updates regarding a potential sexual abuse victim’s injury claim.

The bill has little opposition and many supporters are calling for the president to use an executive order to expedite the reform process.

The Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers applaud efforts being made to better protect those who have been harmed during their service to our country, and hope the changes will be effective in helping these individuals get the resources they need to recover.