Oklahoma Oil Rig Explosion Injures Four Workers

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

An oil rig explosion in the town of Marshall, Oklahoma, this past Friday sent four workers to the hospital, where three remain critically injured. According to reports from Oklahoma’s News On 6, the blast occurred at around 7:30 PM after pressure control systems on the rig failed and ignited an oil and natural gas mixture coming from the well.

The explosion happened with little to no warning and captured four men in the path of the blast. They were all taken to a local hospital for treatment, where three are still receiving care for the burns they received. Doctors estimate that the men should be released later this week or early next week.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that an increase of 65 percent has been seen in recent years in regards to the number of workers who are killed on-the-job each year by fires and explosions. Their data shows that 187 workers died in 2010, versus the 113 that died in 2009. Also on the rise is the number of deaths each year in the extraction industry with 91 in 2010, up from 59 in 2009. The number of those injured in these categories has been on the rise as well in recent years.

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