Oklahoma Veterans Disability Lawyers Discuss How Government Shutdown Could Affect Benefit Payments

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates roughly 60 million American veterans and their families depend on disability benefits from the government to make ends meet because they are unable to work due to a condition caused by their service in the military. The Oklahoma Veterans Disability Benefit Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers explain the payments of such benefits may be halted because of the government shutdown currently taking place.

According to a story released by Oklahoma’s Own 9 News, there is currently funding to make benefit payments to recipients; however, if the shutdown continues to loom for several more weeks, the appropriations that were made to pay benefits may run out. This could lead to as many as 3.6 million veterans not receiving their disability and pension claims.

Such a lack of funding could send some veterans into a spiral of financial ruin that, for many, could lead to bankruptcy. One veteran told of how he had to take such action after retiring from the Air Force after 14 years of service due to an accident where he swallowed a gallon of jet fuel, leading to neurological damage.

J. Colbert’s team of Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers recognizes the importance of disability benefits to the families of veterans who cannot work. The firm is here to help anyone who has served in the military and is struggling financially due to a condition caused by military service.