Three Oklahoma City Firefighters Injured On The Job

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Three Oklahoma City firefighters were hospitalized for burns and heat exhaustion they suffered after battling a blaze that burned more than 80 acres. As reported by, the fire started near SW119 and Mustang Road around 2:15 PM on Monday, burning a barn and threatening several homes in the area before being extinguished. Around 40 Oklahoma City firefighters were on the scene, along with members of nine other area departments, and battled the blaze for over five hours. Paramedics remained on the scene the entire time to evaluate firefighters’ conditions and ensure they didn’t suffer heat-related illness. Three Oklahoma City firefighters were transported to area hospitals; two were treated for heat exhaustion, while the third was treated for second degree burns to his hands and arms. 

Oklahoma City fire Battalion Chief, Brian Stanaland, stated that he tries to make sure all the firefighters stay hydrated on and off the job by insisting they drink plenty of water the day before reporting for duty. He says, “Even the day before they come on duty, we’re getting them to hydrate the day before. If we see any signs of heat illness, we evaluate them immediately and transport them to the hospital if necessary.”

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