Three Oklahoma City Students Injured In Elevator Shaft

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Three students at an Oklahoma City school were injured Tuesday after being trapped in an elevator shaft in a school building. According to News Channel 4, the accident took place on the campus of Classen School of Advanced Studies, located at the corner of Classen Boulevard and NW 18th Street, at 11:20 this morning.

Authorities say an administrator was on the elevator when he began to hear screaming coming form underneath. Upon investigation, he found the two seventh graders and a sixth grader trapped in the shaft beneath the machinery. He immediately contacted 911 and rescuers had the girls freed within 35 minutes. Investigators are unsure how the accident occurred.

Emergency Medical Services Authority spokeswoman, Lara O’Leary, stated that the students were transported to University of Oklahoma Medical Center by ambulance. One of the girls was in need of emergency treatment, while the other two suffered non-life threatening back and leg injuries.

Officials with OKC Public Schools said that although the accident happened in a part of the building that has not undergone recent renovations the rest of the building has seen, the elevator was inspected for safety less than a week ago.

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