Tort Reform Law Takes Effect Next Month In Oklahoma

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Most people would agree that the amount of money given to a victim in a personal injury lawsuit should at least cover the medical bills for their injuries. But a new law taking effect in Oklahoma could put a cap on the amount of money an injured victim is able to recover, regardless of their medical needs.

According to News Channel 4, the new law goes into effect on November 1  of this year and will limit non-economic, or “pain and suffering,” damages to $350,000. This means regardless of how badly injured a person is–even if their injuries will cause of lifetime of hardship and suffering–the most they will only be able to receive is $350,000.

The law has caused a tidal wave of claims to be filed in recent weeks due to the fact that anything filed before the November 1 date can be exempt from the monetary limitation.

Many supporters of the law say the rush of paperwork being filed is just a sign of the need for the law, while critics claim that the new law puts a discounted price tag on a human’s life.

The Oklahoma personal injury attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers want to know your opinion. Does it put a much-needed limit on what accident victims can receive in a case, or does it keep a victim from getting what is rightfully theirs? Tell us your opinion by posting to our Facebook page.