Victims Of Sexual Assault Struggling To Get The Veterans Disability Benefits They Deserve

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Hundreds of thousands of United States military veterans are unable to work due to injuries and trauma they suffered during their service to our country. Yet some of these individuals are struggling to receive the care and veterans disability benefits they need—especially soldiers who were harmed at the hands of their fellow service members.

A story from the Tampa Bay Times explains that roughly 1 in 4 female soldiers will become victims of sexual harassment and assault during their time in the military. While many of the victims apply for veterans disability benefits due to the physical and mental trauma they suffered, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been slow to offer assistance to these victims.

After years of struggling for the compensation they deserve, the federal government is just now taking action to get these individuals care. The Pentagon is promoting a campaign to prevent sexual assaults while the VA is working to provide soldiers with more facilities that are able to treat victims of sexual trauma. Furthermore, the agency is expanding the mental health services for which these victims may qualify.

It’s important for soldiers to remember that applying for and receiving these benefits can be a tedious process, and that having legal representation by your side will help ensure your case is handled as efficiently as possible.

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