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Lanterns may cause Tulsa defective product injuries

by Jonathan

Kids carry flashlights and lanterns on Halloween to insure their safety by making them noticeable to vehicles while trick or treating.

However, according to FOX 23, this Halloween some children may have been walking around with another safety hazard. Some lanterns being sold by Dollar Trees, Deal$, and other stores may put children at risk for Tulsa defective product injuries.

The lantern, due to a product defect, may catch fire because of a bulb overheating, though there have been no Tulsa defective product injuries at this time.

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More contaminated wells found in Oklahoma defective product injury investigation

by Jonathan

More wells are testing positive for E. Coli as the investigation into Oklahoma defective product injuries continue, according to 4029.

The Oklahoma defective product injuries that occurred as a result of chicken manure at a well near Country Cottage restaurant continue to be investigated and more contaminated wells are surfacing.

Three of ten wells tested positive for E. Coli. Eighty-five private wells have been tested and there are plans to test 22 more wells as a result of the investigation into the Oklahoma defective product injuries.

In August hundreds became ill and one person died as a result of Oklahoma defective product injuries suffered after eating at Country Cottage.

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