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Lanterns may cause Tulsa defective product injuries

by jcl

Kids carry flashlights and lanterns on Halloween to insure their safety by making them noticeable to vehicles while trick or treating.

However, according to FOX 23, this Halloween some children may have been walking around with another safety hazard. Some lanterns being sold by Dollar Trees, Deal$, and other stores may put children at risk for Tulsa defective product injuries.

The lantern, due to a product defect, may catch fire because of a bulb overheating, though there have been no Tulsa defective product injuries at this time.

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Mother filing suit against pilot’s family in Oklahoma wrongful death

by jcl

The mother of a woman who was killed in a helicopter crash is filing an Oklahoma wrongful death suit against the family of the deceased pilot and the manufacturers of the helicopter, according to the Tahlequah Daily Press.

According to the Oklahoma wrongful death suit, the helicopter crash that left the pilot and the woman’s daughter dead occurred due to negligent operation on behalf of the pilot and faulty design in the helicopter on behalf of the manufacturer.

The Oklahoma wrongful death suit also claims that the pilot’s parents should have been aware or were aware of their son’s reckless flying.

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Widow wants evidence released in potential Oklahoma wrongful death

by jcl

The wife of a man who was killed in an incident that could lead to an Oklahoma wrongful death suit is asking for the release of confidential evidence, according to KJRH.

The deadly incident that could lead to an Oklahoma wrongful death case occurred in 2007 when a Cintas worker fell into an industrial drier.

The widow of the worker wants evidence that has been sealed to be made public for the ongoing legal battle over the potential Oklahoma wrongful death.

Prosecutors say the evidence that is currently sealed is causing litigation to be prolonged and the legal fees outstanding.

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Two men injured in Oklahoma dog bite accident

by jcl

According to KOCO, two men were injured in an Oklahoma dog bite accident Saturday.

The Oklahoma dog bite accident occurred when two pit bull terriers attacked a 27-year-old man and a 52-year-old man with a physical disability. The dogs attacked the men, injuring both. The 52-year-old man was taken to a hospital for treatment of severe leg injuries.

The 27-year-old man was treated at the scene of the accident for less serious Oklahoma dog bite injuries.

One of the dogs was shot at the scene of the Oklahoma dog bite accident.  The other escaped inside the house, following the Oklahoma dog bite accident.

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More contaminated wells found in Oklahoma defective product injury investigation

by jcl

More wells are testing positive for E. Coli as the investigation into Oklahoma defective product injuries continue, according to 4029.

The Oklahoma defective product injuries that occurred as a result of chicken manure at a well near Country Cottage restaurant continue to be investigated and more contaminated wells are surfacing.

Three of ten wells tested positive for E. Coli. Eighty-five private wells have been tested and there are plans to test 22 more wells as a result of the investigation into the Oklahoma defective product injuries.

In August hundreds became ill and one person died as a result of Oklahoma defective product injuries suffered after eating at Country Cottage.

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Infant dies after Tulsa dog bite injury

by jcl

A two-month-old infant has died after a Tulsa dog bite injury that occurred Monday in the child’s grandparents’ home, according to The Oklahoman.

The Tulsa dog bite injury was caused by a Labrador puppy while the infant was in a swing.

The mother of the Tulsa dog bite victim found the baby dead in the swing.

Authorities say the child’s father and grandfather left the home around 8:30 a.m. and put the child in the swing at the east end of the home when they left. The mother and grandmother of the Tulsa dog bite victim were asleep in the west end of the home at the time.

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