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Bridge temporarily closed after Oklahoma boat accident

by Jonathan

A bridge was temporarily closed overnight after an Oklahoma boat accident when seven barges crashed in the U.S. 62 bridge Monday, Tulsa World reported.

The barges broke loose from the port and floated down the Arkansas River where they struck the bridge at about 8:30 p.m., causing the Oklahoma boat accident.

Authorities have not concluded how the barges broke loose from the port and caused the Oklahoma boat accident.

There were no Oklahoma boat accident injuries Monday, unlike the Oklahoma boat accident in 2002 when a barge crashed into a pier off the Interstate 40 bridge, killing 14 people.

The bridge was reopened Tuesday at 5:30 a.m., after the structure had been tested following the Oklahoma boat accident.

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Police chase leads to Tulsa auto accident

by Jonathan

A bar fight that led to a police chase ended in a Tulsa auto accident Saturday, KJRH reported.

Two women were said to be fighting at a bar when the one woman left in her car and the other woman followed her to her home. Neighbors called the police when they heard the women arguing at the residence.

When police arrived the woman fled the scene and crashed her vehicle into a utility pole and flipped it, causing the Tulsa auto accident.

The Tulsa auto accident victim suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized.

Police say alcohol may be involved and that the Tulsa car accident injury victim will be arrested upon release from the hospital.

Three injured in Oklahoma pedestrian accident

by Jonathan

Three people were injured in an Oklahoma pedestrian accident on Turner Turnpike Monday night, Tulsa World reported.

The Oklahoma pedestrian accident occurred when the three pedestrians were walking on the shoulder of the road, waiving traffic.

A pickup truck stopped west of the pedestrians and then backed up, hitting all three, and caused the Oklahoma pedestrian accident injuries.

One of the Oklahoma pedestrian accident injury victims was flown to a hospital for treatment of head and internal injuries. The other pedestrians were treated and released.

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Man who suffered Oklahoma brain injury and was pronounced dead is recovering

by Jonathan

A man who suffered an Oklahoma brain injury after an ATV accident was pronounced dead on November 19th but is now recovering at home, The Oklahoman reported.

The man’s family had agreed to harvest his organs and were paying their final respects when the Oklahoma brain injury victim moved his foot and hand.

After 48 days in the hospital, the Oklahoma brain injury victim who had been pronounced dead was released to go home.

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Foul play suspected in Oklahoma pedestrian accident

by Jonathan

The Oklahoman reported that authorities suspect foul play is involved in an Oklahoma pedestrian accident.

The Oklahoma pedestrian accident occurred Saturday when the 36-year-old driver of a pickup struck a pedestrian, 46, on a rural Oklahoma road.

The pedestrian died at the scene of the Oklahoma auto accident.

The two men had argued prior to the Oklahoma pedestrian accident, and police say that the driver’s story did not match the tire tracks on the road or the position of the Oklahoma pedestrian accident victim’s body.

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Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby pulls items due to defective product injury risks

by Jonathan

KSWO reported that the Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby has ordered that items be pulled from its store shelves due to risk of defective product injuries.

A study determined that plastic Easter toys such as eggs, spinning tops, and chick-themed sipper cups, contained toxic levels of lead in the paint which could cause Oklahoma defective product injuries.

Toxic levels of lead can cause defective product injuries such as severe nerve damage, especially in children.

The Oklahoma City-based store is conducting further tests on their products and cooperating with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to begin a recall in an attempt to prevent national and Oklahoma City defective product injuries.

Lead toxicity could potentially cause Oklahoma City defective product injuries.

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14-year-old charged with reckless driving after Oklahoma car accident

by Jonathan

The Oklahoman reported that a 14-year-old boy who ran over a 15-year-old boy with a church van was charged with reckless driving in an Oklahoma auto accident.

The Oklahoma car accident occurred on February 27 when the driver of the church van stopped in front of a house.

The 14-year-old boy then got behind the wheel and pulled forward, running over the 15-year-old who had gone under the van to pick up CDs. The 15-year-old Oklahoma auto accident injury victim sustained broken ribs and punctured lungs.

The boy was charged in juvenile court with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, no state driver’s license, and reckless driving.

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Two teens die in Oklahoma car crash

by Jonathan

The Oklahoman reported that two Oklahoma teens died at the scene of a Seminole County auto accident on State Highway 56 Saturday.

The Oklahoma car accident victims died when the vehicle driven by 18-year-old Pelipe Aguilera ran off the road three times and rolled at least twice. Aguilera refused treatment for his auto accident injuries.

No one in the car was wearing a seatbelt and the Oklahoma accident victims were ejected from the car.

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Oklahoma Auto Accident Results in Fatal Injury

by Jonathan

Last Sunday parts of Highway were closed for more than four hours after four vehicles were involved in an Oklahoma auto accident after heavy fog settled in the area. According to reports, a tractor trailer was turning left onto Highway 75 when a pickup truck struck the larger truck. The driver of the tractor trailer called 911 immediately after the Oklahoma car crash, and while doing so two more cars struck the large truck.

The driver of the pickup truck was pronounced dead at the scene while the two drivers and a passenger were treated for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the tractor trailer didn’t sustain injuries.

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Oklahoma Auto Accident Results in Teen’s Death

by Jonathan

Earlier this week a woman who was accused of drunken driving and causing an Oklahoma auto accident, which resulted in the death of a 17-year-old passenger. The woman, who has a prior conviction for an alcohol-related driving incident, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

The passenger who was killed in the Oklahoma car crash was seated in the backseat when the woman began speeding in Pawnee County. Once she lost control of the car, it slid, ran off the road, overturned, and ejected all occupants, according to reports.