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New Law Passed to Combat Oklahoma Distracted Driving

by Keith Adkins

If you haven’t already heard about the dangers of distracted driving, you soon will. Our Oklahoma car accident lawyers at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys say that’s because a law was recently passed that will allow law enforcement to stop and cite many of our state’s inattentive motorists.

According to an article from News On 6, the new law will prohibit motorists from using their cellphones to send or receive text messages while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Records indicate that the new regulation will go into effect on November 1 of this year.

The law was created in response to an accident that left one Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper seriously injured and another dead. The pair were responding to an Oklahoma truck accident along I-40 when the driver of another vehicle—who was texting and using his phone to access social media sites—crashed into the rear of the troopers’ vehicle.

The widow of the deceased trooper lobbied lawmakers to pass the bill as a way to honor her husband’s memory and service. The effort paid off, and the bill was passed in less than five months from the time it was created.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we’ve seen the negative impact distracted driving has on so many lives. That’s why our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers encourage you to put your phone down while driving and not to pick it up again until you have reached your destination.

Ten Lives Lost in Fatal Auto Accidents During 4th of July Weekend

by Keith Adkins

This past weekend marked our nation’s independence with the 4th of July holiday. While a majority of Oklahomans remained safe over the last few days, a handful of others were seriously injured or killed.

Our Oklahoma car accident lawyers at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys explain that law enforcement is reporting that traffic accidents are to blame for the loss of ten lives this past weekend. This is a decrease from the total of eleven lives that were lost during the 2014 holiday, five of which were caused by intoxicated motorists.

According to an article from Oklahoma’s 9 News, the fatalities that were recorded consisted of six occupants of cars, trucks, or SUVs, two motorcyclists, one motorcycle passenger, and three pedestrians. Investigators are still working to determine if drugs or alcohol played a factor in any of the accidents.

Officers and troopers also reported that they were able to make 52 arrests while conducting sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols throughout the state of Oklahoma.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we are aware of the dangers that can be found on our state’s roads and highways around holidays. That’s why our Oklahoma personal injury attorneys would like to applaud our state’s law enforcement agencies and staff for working so hard to keep Oklahoma’s streets and roads safe during the 4th of July festivities.

Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers Offer Tips to Stay Safe on the Road This 4th of July

by Keith Adkins

This weekend is the 4th of July and for many, that means it’s time to hit the road for a vacation. According to an article from the Skiatook Journal, estimates show there will be 41.9 million Americans traveling farther than 50 miles from home—around 556,200 of whom are Oklahomans.

With so many people on our state’s highways and roads, it’s important to keep safety in mind. That’s why our Oklahoma car accident lawyers would like to offer these tips to help reduce your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle collision.

  • Get Plenty of Rest– It’s easy to become fatigued while behind the wheel on a long road trip, so be sure to get plenty of sleep before you leave for your destination. If you find yourself getting tired while driving, pull over and rest at the next safe location.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive– Alcohol may be served at many of the events and festivities surrounding the 4th of July. If you choose to indulge in alcohol this weekend, designate a driver before heading out. If you cannot establish a sober driver, plan to use a cab or ride-sharing service to get you home safely.
  • Eliminate Distractions– When driving, put your phone down, refrain from eating and drinking, and don’t focus on other passengers in the vehicle. Also, remember to adjust the stereo before moving the vehicle.
  • Obey the Law– This means don’t speed or tailgate and remember to move over for stopped emergency vehicles.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we know not all crashes can be prevented. That’s why we suggest these five steps to follow after an auto accident if you are involved in a collision.

We hope this information helps to keep you and your loved ones safe during the upcoming 4th of July weekend!

Common Factors That Lead to Serious Oklahoma Car Accidents

by Keith Adkins

Every time you step into a vehicle in Oklahoma, you’re putting yourself at risk of being involved in a crash. One of the best ways to avoid such a collision is to be aware of what factors put you at an increased risk of injury or death in the event of involvement in a collision and the Oklahoma City car accident lawyers with Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys are here to let you in on some of the most recent demographics regarding motor vehicle injuries and fatalities in our state.

A report released from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety shows that a majority of the auto accidents that occurred last month in our state—especially those that were fatal— happened over the weekend. According to, both Saturdays and Sundays in February saw a total of six fatalities, while Fridays saw a total of five lost lives.

Consuming alcohol was also one of the most common and most preventable causes of accidents in Oklahoma last month. Drunk driving accounted for a total of 28 motor vehicle fatalities last month alone. Of those deaths, motorists between the ages of 21 and 30 were at the greatest risk of losing their life in an Oklahoma car accident involving a drunk driver.

Failure to be properly restrained also led to a large number of fatalities, considering 48 percent of those who lost their lives in Oklahoma motor vehicle crashes last month were not buckled up at the time of the accident.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we recognize the dangers of driving and our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers ask that you keep safety on your mind each and every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Reducing Distracted Driving Oklahoma Auto Accidents

by Keith Adkins

Distracted driving is one of the leading contributing factors listed on Oklahoma auto accident reports, especially when a crash involves a young person. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in 2012, a total of 11 percent of all motorists under the age of 20 who were killed in collisions were distracted at the time of the accident.

Numbers like this leave many Oklahomans wondering what’s being done to prevent distracted driving accidents in our state. The team of Oklahoma car accident lawyers with Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys explains the state is using several campaigns to curb this dangerous behavior.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office has partnered with several other organizations to launch the “Stop The Texts. Stop The Wrecks” campaign. The program provides information to the public about the effects distracted driving can have in addition to offering several tips about how to prevent becoming distracted while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The state office of highway safety is also encouraging drivers to promise not to drive while distracted by signing the “It Can Wait” pledge. The pledge also encourages motorists to post a #X before driving to inform others they are behind the wheel and will respond to messages later.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we understand the dangers distracted driving poses and encourage you to do your part to fight the problem by educating yourself and pledging not to drive without your full attention being on the road.

Forum Held to Discuss Oklahoma Distracted Driving Accidents

by Keith Adkins

Distracted driving is a very serious problem here in Oklahoma. Estimates show that in 2010, inattentive drivers caused up to 18 percent of motor vehicle collisions that resulted in injuries.

Despite numbers highlighting the dangers of this behavior and a majority of our state’s citizens being in favor of bans against texting and driving, Oklahoma is one of the few states in our nation that has not created such legislation. That may soon change though, as on Tuesday, October 7, a forum was held to discuss the issue and possibly develop solutions to the problem.

According to an article from KOCO News, the forum was held by the House of Representatives Public Safety Committee and hosted by Representatives Steve Martin and Ken Walker. It will was held from 1-4 P.M. at the Oklahoma State Capitol building.

Speakers included victims of Oklahoma distracted driving accidents, law enforcement officers, as well as those who are in favor of—and against—bans on texting while driving and the use of electronic devices while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The event comes on the heels of a fatal Oklahoma trucking accident that occurred as the result of distracted driving.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we understand the importance of having laws in place that protect the public from harm. That’s why our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers support initiatives like this distracted driving forum. Hopefully, the discussion can help identify solutions to our state’s distracted driving problem.

Oklahoma auto accident injures boy

by jcl

An Oklahoma auto accident injured a boy on Thanksgiving Day, according to KFOR.

The 6-year-old Oklahoma auto accident victim was injured after his grandfather hit him with his pickup truck.

The Oklahoma car accident happened when the 76-year-old grandfather was attempting to back the truck out of the driveway, but the truck slipped into gear, rolling forward, and pinning the boy between the truck and the garage door.

The Oklahoma auto accident victim was listed in stable condition following the crash.

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Oklahoma auto accident injures one

by jcl

An Oklahoma auto accident injured a woman Tuesday during a hit-and-run collision, according to the News-Star.

The Oklahoma car accident occurred when a 38-year-old woman was driving her 1993 Pontiac from Love’s parking lot onto U.S. 377 and the passenger side of her car was hit by another vehicle.

The 51-year-old passenger in the car suffered leg injuries as a result of the Oklahoma auto accident.

The vehicle that hit the woman’s car fled the scene of the Oklahoma auto accident.

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The Oklahoma car accident lawyers at J. Colbert Injury Lawyers can help if you have been injured in an auto accident.