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Drunk Driver Sentenced for Causing Fatal Oklahoma Car Accident

by Staff

A 25-year-old Norman, Oklahoma, repeat drunk driver was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder charges stemming from a fatal May 2010 car accident. The Oklahoma News reports the man now faces a 12-year prison sentence followed by eight-years of supervision upon his release.

Court documents indicate the drunk driver was traveling north in the southbound lanes of Interstate-235 at around 2 a.m. when he collided with another vehicle. The car that he struck spun several times before hitting a retaining wall and killing a young female passenger instantly.

An investigation into the Oklahoma Car Accident determined the young man had a blood alcohol level more than three times above the state’s legal limit. Officers also discovered it was not the man’s first time being caught driving under the influence. A year before the fatal accident, he was convicted of DUI in Cleveland County and received a deferred sentence from the judge.

Data collected by the non-profit organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), shows a drunk driver will get behind the wheel approximately 80 times before being caught and nearly one-third of convicted drunk drivers will continue to get behind the wheel with a revoked license.

The Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorneys with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers hope that the decision will help bring closure to the families who have been impacted by this senseless accident.

Oklahoma City Installing Illuminated Stop Signs to Reduce Accidents

by Staff

Oklahoma City is testing lighted stop signs as a radical new way of keeping motorists safe on the city’s roadways. The Oklahoman reports the four lighted stop signs are currently being utilized at intersections where crash rates are exceptionally high as an effort to make drivers more aware of signage that is often missed.

The city’s public works department rolled out the program just a few months ago at the intersection of SE 59 and Cemetery Road, a new stop sign location, with positive results. The signs were then moved to another intersection after law enforcement received numerous complaints of Oklahoma Car Accidents being caused by drivers blowing through stop signs.

City traffic engineer, Stuart Chai, points out the signs will be most effective when assisting motorists’ readjustment to new signage along familiar routes. He stated that drivers could often be oblivious to freshly installed signs along routes they drive on a daily basis. He added, “Those are the ones whose attention we have to capture for a while so they can adjust.”

The Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers say they are hopeful these new and innovative signs will be effective in better protecting the citizens of Oklahoma from the dangers of auto accidents. They also ask that motorists be aware of their surroundings at all times in order to prevent accidents caused by simply missing a sign.

Two Injured in Oklahoma City Car Accident with Fire Truck

by Staff

While fire trucks are normally associated with rescue efforts, two Oklahoma residents recently experienced the unexpected. According to KOCO News, the pair suffered serious injuries after the vehicle they were in was T-boned by an Oklahoma City Fire Department truck.

The Oklahoma Car Accident happened this past Monday at around 7:45 p.m. The victims’ Buick sedan passed through the intersection of S.W. 44th Street and Independence Avenue and was struck by the fire truck. The two occupants of the vehicle were taken to a local hospital for treatment and they are expected to make full recoveries.

Investigators have not said whether the truck was responding to or returning from a call, or if the vehicle had its lights and sirens on at the time of the collision. Law requires that emergency vehicles always use both lights and sirens when responding to an emergency call. Failure to follow this safety procedure could be considered negligent and result in the driver of the emergency vehicle being found at fault for the crash.

The Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers to be on the lookout for emergency vehicles with their lights and sirens on, and to always pull over to the side of the road in order to allow them room to safely pass through traffic.

Drowsy Driving a Contributing Factor in Oklahoma Car Crash

by Staff

Statistics show that drowsy driving should be a risk that is of great concern to most motorists, as one-third of all drivers polled by the National Sleep Foundation had admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. Numbers also show that nodding off while driving contributes to nearly 100,000 crashes each year, resulting in around 7,100 injuries and 1,550 deaths.

Drowsy driving was responsible for an Oklahoma Car Accident that occurred last Saturday in Pushmataha County that seriously injured nine people. According to reports from Oklahoma’s 9 News, the accident happened at around 11 p.m. near mile-marker 23 along the Indian Nation Turnpike.

Reports indicate that the 33-year-old driver of a vehicle carrying eight additional passengers dozed off for a brief moment. The vehicle struck the median and the driver awoke and overcorrected. This caused the vehicle to roll before coming to a stop. Six passengers were ejected from the vehicle as a result of the crash. Three children remain in critical condition and another is in stable condition following treatment at a local hospital.

Investigators are examining whether or not other factors contributed to the severity of the accident and the injuries sustained.

The Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers understand how just how difficult injuries resulting from an accident can be and would like to wish all of those who were hurt a full and speedy recovery.