Changes To Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Law Expected To Move Forward

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The state of Oklahoma is making major changes to the way claims for workers’ compensation benefits are processed. The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Lawyers with J. Colbert Injury Lawyers explain that while the constitutionality of these changes were recently challenged in a lawsuit, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled earlier this week the changes were within the scope of the law and could proceed with an implementation date of February 2014.

According to an article from News OK, the current law dictates claims be processed through a judicial system that uses the courts and judges of the state to determine benefits. The new system will utilize an infrastructure of administrators to process claims. Proponents of the changes say the new system will create a more efficient and fairer way to distribute funds to those who are injured on the job.

Officials state their only concerns with the new laws are associated with the program’s opt-out options. These options allow employers to opt out of carrying workers compensation insurance if they can provide workers with equivalent benefits. They say these particular sections of legislation may not be considered constitutional if further challenges to the changes are brought to court.

John Colbert and his team of Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers recognize how complex and confusing the laws overseeing workers compensation can be and are here to answer any questions an individual who has been hurt on the job may have.