Oklahoma Drilling Company Forced To Pay $55,000 Fine For Unsafe Working Conditions

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a job in the mining and extraction industries is one of the most dangerous occupations to have. In 2010, the industry saw a 74 percent increase in the number of fatal work-related accidents, from 99 incidents in 2009 to 172 cases reported in 2010.

The industries are heavily regulated and monitored to ensure safe working conditions for employees due to the high risk of injury or death, which can result in an Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation claim. Companies can face serious penalties when infractions are discovered.

Recently, the Oklahoma-based oil and gas company, Horizontal Well Drillers, were forced to pay more than $55,000 in fines in connection with several safety violations that bred unsafe work conditions.

According to WorkersCompensation.com, the company repeatedly failed to install guardrails along walkways to prevent falls of four-feet or more. The company also did not require that employees use personal protective equipment, such as flame-retardant clothing. Worse yet, a piece of equipment was not properly grounded, which posed a serious safety hazard.

The company has 15 days to make a response to the charges.

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