Oklahoma Lawmakers Considering Changes To State’s Workers’ Compensation System

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

State legislators are considering reforms to the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation system in an effort to cut costs and eliminate invalid injury claims. According to a story from Tulsa World, a House Committee will examine the proposed Senate Bill 1062 during an upcoming legislative session.

The proposed changes would shift claims from being processed through the courts to being handled by an administrative system. Instead of cases being heard by juries, a panel of three commissioners selected by the governor would hear claims made by injured workers. These individuals would then decide what type of compensation should be awarded for a claim. Oklahoma is one of the only two states in the nation still using a judicial system to process claims.

Those in favor of the changes say the reforms could save the state millions in costs as well as improve the state’s economy. However, opponents of the changes believe the bill has entirely too many loopholes that could negate a worker’s ability to receive help if an accident that resulted in an injury was to occur.

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