Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation System Continuing To Undergo Changes

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

The Oklahoma workers’ compensation system has undergone a massive shift in recent months, moving from a judicial platform to a more administrative system for processing claims. These changes are continuing as citizens see a growing push for Oklahoma workers’ compensation coverage to be included in an employee’s health insurance.

The consideration to make such a move has stirred quite a controversy among experts and employees alike though. While some argue that better and broader insurance coverage will help to prevent workplace accidents from occurring in the first place by making the workforce healthier, others believe the push would lead to claims that would otherwise be processed through the workers’ compensation system now being wrongfully covered under a health insurance policy.

Healthcare Finance News goes on to explain that one of the biggest hurdles that must be overcome before such changes could be fully implemented is filling the gaps between the numerous state laws that govern the two systems that are currently run as separate entities.

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