How One Court Ruling Could Affect Your Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

If there’s one thing that’s been consistent in the Oklahoma workers’ compensation system over the last several years, it’s change. In 2013, the state revamped the way it would handle claims for Oklahoma workers’ compensation benefits from a judicial system to an administrative one. Now, a ruling issued by a judge could once again change the way Oklahoma workers’ compensation claims are handled. To understand this potential reform though, you must first understand the legalities of the state’s workers compensation system.

Oklahoma workers’ compensation law states that workers will be compensated for injuries that occur in the line of duty without having to prove negligence. In return, businesses are protected from workers filing costly lawsuits against the company when and if an accident occurs. The state aimed to continue to ease the strains lawsuits can place on the courtroom when the move was made from a judicial to an administrative workers’ compensation claims system two years ago. But now, a ruling by a judge could unravel those efforts.

The Oklahoman reports a judge has ruled an injured worker can sue an employer for negligence because the accident was considered “foreseeable.” This means that a case which would have been an Oklahoma workers’ compensation benefits case will be handled in the courtroom. Furthermore, the case opens the floodgates for similar cases to be moved to the courts in the future.

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